Nutrients that Boost Energy

Nutrients that Boost Energy

The old adage, “we are what we eat”, is so true... 


It’s a scientifically proven fact that the food we put into our bodies affects our health either positively or negatively.  We all need energy to survive this busy world and the following information gives you an idea of where to look to keep up your energy levels.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E plays a large role in maintaining our energy levels.  This vitamin helps protect our cells from free radical damage, maintains muscle strength and helps us form red blood cells.  It’s also essential for keeping our iron, vitamin K and A stores in check.  Vitamin E can be found in nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and green leafy vegetables.  This vitamin


Iron is an essential vitamin for boosting energy levels.  It can be found in many foods such as green leafy vegetables, eggs, lentils and sardines.  Vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters can all find a food source for their iron intake.  The World Health Organisation states that over 2 billion people worldwide are iron deficient.


Potassium gives your body the tools it needs to provide you with energy.  A diet low in potassium will result in fatigue and an inability to perform physical exercise.  Eating a diet which is full of fresh fruits and vegetables will ensure you have enough energy to reach your goals.


Zinc is found in every cell in our bodies.  It’s a vital nutrient for physical exercise and energy.  It can be found in meat, shellfish, legumes, seeds and nuts, dairy, eggs and whole grains.


The nutrients that we take into our bodies cannot be metabolised into energy without magnesium.  This mineral is found in a variety of foods but it’s thought that the best sources are found in nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables and for the chocolate lovers, raw cacao. 

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