Become A New Distributor

Start your Youngevity Business today and help people improve their health by introducing them to Youngevity Nutritional Products (science based medical nutrition).  As your business grows so will your wealth.  The speed at which you grow your business is totally up to you and Youngevity provides all the training (Team Member Resources) to help you grow your business.

As you add new team members, you will progress within the Compensation Plan and you will gain more compensation opportunities!  There are 10 different ways you can get paid by Youngevity:

  1.  Retail Profits
  2.  Unilevel Commissions / Residual Income
  3.  CEO Leadership Coding Bonuses
  4.  Fast Start Bonuses
  5.  Quick Start Bonuses
  6.  Infinity Leadership Bonuses
  7.  Monthly Silver Mercedes Car Bonuses
  8.  Dream Car Award Program
  9.  Revenue Sharing
  10. Stock Option Rewards Program

Youngevity Compensation Plan

Youngevity Compensation & Opportunity Overview

You can become a Distributor for as little as $25 (Welcome Kit) or you can sign up for one of the many CEO Mega Paks for $499.99

When you sign up for a CEO Mega Pak you will receive extra samples which you can provide to new prospects in order to introduce them to Youngevity.  In addition, with your purchase of a CEO Mega Pak you will earn a $100 Fast Start Bonus when you get others started with a CEO Package.

Thus if you sign up 4 friends or colleagues with CEO Mega Paks you will receive $400 in commissions.  Essentially then you are receiving $500 worth of products for yourself for only a $100.  Of course if you sign up 5 people on CEO Mega Paks you are basically getting all your products for free in the Mega Pak you ordered.

When you are enrolled as a CEO and your business grows with new team members you have the opportunity to reach new levels where you will receive a monthly car bonus from Youngevity as well as stock options.  The key is to show every new Distributor how to sign up 4 people so that they will each be able to set up another 4 people themselves.  In other words you want to train people on the process of duplicating the signing up of 4 people over and over again.

When you sign up as a Distributor, Youngevity will provide you with your own my90forlife website (Lite). This website will be very helpful to you as you encourage all new prospects to go there to order products or to sign up as new distributors. When they order products through your new website you will be mailed commission checks from Youngevity if you are qualified.

In order to receive commission checks from Youngevity you must have a monthly auto shipment of a minimum of $50 (PQV) set up (5% commission).  It is recommended that your monthly auto shipment be a minimum of $100 (PQV) as you will earn a higher commission (8%).

Are you next?

Always remember: Mission before commission as you truly want to help people. The more people you help the more money you will make!

If you would like to become a distributor please call: 07428188131 for more information.