3 Simple Exercises that Can be done at Home

3 Simple Exercises that Can be done at Home

We all need to exercise to keep our body and mind healthy.  For some of us it may be difficult to find time to go to the gym, or perhaps we find it a little intimidating watching those toned gym bunnies ‘strut their stuff’.  There are plenty of simple exercises that can be done within the home that will help to keep us fit and healthy.

Planks - Strengthening our Core

  • Do this on an exercise mat or carpet
  • Lie face down on your mat and then rest on your lower arm, ensuring that your elbows are directly below your shoulders
  • Keep your head slightly down and in line with your back
  • Lift up on your toes and keep this position for as long as you can.

Burpees – Cardio and Strength for a Total Body Workout

There are many versions of burpees.  The one below is for beginners.

  • Stand up straight with your arms by your side and your feet around shoulder-width apart
  • Slowly bend your knees, reaching forward and place your hands on the floor.
  • One by one put each leg out backwards, so you are in a plank position
  • Jump forward towards your hands, stand up and start again.

Skipping – Total Body Workout, Core Strengthening and Cardio

Skipping is great for our health and can be done in a relatively small space or outside in the garden or even on a flat balcony.

  • Keep your head up straight, looking forward and skip on the spot
  • Keep your hands at around waist height. It’s your wrists and hands that turn the rope, not your elbows and shoulders.
  • Make small jumps. Look at the circumference of the rope and remember, you only need to jump marginally higher than that.  Many people make the mistake of jumping high in the air, which is not only futile, but also exhausting.
  • Start with even jumps (both feet) and then switch from one foot to the other.
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