Can Meditation be Beneficial?

Can Meditation be Beneficial?

Some of us may exercise at least three times a week in order to keep our bodies fit and healthy, but how many of us think of training our minds in an effort to maintain our mental health, which in turn helps our physical health and happiness.

In days gone by, meditation used to be thought of as a mystical practice performed by people wearing unusual clothing. Today, many top sportsmen and women, the armed forces in many countries in the world and the man in the street, all reap the benefits from daily meditation.

It is important to remember that it is your inner state of mind that determines your level of happiness, and meditation forces you to dig deep into yourself. You begin to know yourself better and learn to control negative emotions, thoughts and actions.

Stress and Mental Health

Meditating allows the brainwave pattern to go in an Alpha state. It is the Alpha state which promotes healing and gives you peace of mind. This in turn leads to better concentration, clearer thinking and the ability to concentrate on positive emotions and use self-control.

Physical Health

Meditation naturally lowers your blood pressure. People suffering from high blood pressure, who have taken up meditation, have often found they no longer need their medication. Meditation also boosts your immune system. Blood lactate levels are lowered which helps prevent panic attacks. Tension headaches, insomnia and knots in your shoulders and back all become a thing of the past.

Energy levels increase and the increase in serotonin levels in the body produce feelings of happiness and joy.

Slows Aging

Scientific studies have shown that meditation actually changes brain physiology to slow aging. Sara Lazar of Harvard University says that people who meditate actually have more brain cells than people who don’t, and they retain their cognitive powers.

Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Once you start meditating daily, you will experience a shift towards healthy eating. It is amazing how many people have given up smoking and alcohol after meditating on a regular basis. People have also noticed that they are making deliberate choices when it comes to food, only wanting to eat fresh, wholesome foods.

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