Fruits and veg Containing the most Vit C

Fruits and veg Containing the most Vit C

Our bodies cannot produce Vitamin C, neither can we store it, so we have to get it from our food.  All fruits and vegetables have their own benefits, this article concentrates on those which have the highest Vitamin C content.

  1.  Guava

The guava is native to South America and central Mexico and is now the staple fruit of many Asian countries.  Just one serving of guava (1 cup) contains 377 mg of vitamin C.

  1. Blackcurrant

The blackcurrant is native to central and northern Europe and parts of northern Asia.  One cup of blackcurrants provides 203 mg of vitamin C.

  1. Kiwi

While most people assume the kiwi fruit originated in New Zealand, it is in fact native to China.  One cup of kiwi contains 167mg of vitamin C.

  1. Strawberry

Wild strawberries have been collected and eaten for thousands of years but cultivation of strawberries began during the Renaissance in France.  A one cup serving of strawberries contains 89.4 mg of vitamin C.

  1. Oranges

The orange is thought to be native to Indochina, southern China and the northeast of India.  It wasn’t until the late 15thcentury that it arrived in Europe.  One cup of orange contains 82 mg of vitamin C.

  1. Peppers (Green, red and yellow)

Peppers are native to Central and South America.  They were introduced into Europe in the 16th century.  One cup of chopped peppers contains 120 mg of vitamin C.

  1. Broccoli

Broccoli is native to the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor.  However, it was cultivated and eaten by the Romans and finally introduced to England and America in the 18th century.  One cup of broccoli contains 81.2 mg of vitamin C.

  1. Kale

There is evidence of the cultivation of kale in both the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor as far back as 2000 BC.  One cup of kale contains 80 mg of vitamin C.

  1. Brussel Sprouts

It’s thought that the Brussel sprout as we know it today was first cultivated in Belgium in the 13th century.  However, a vegetable from the sprout family was grown in ancient Rome.   One cup of Brussel sprouts contains 74.8 mg of vitamin C.

  1. Peas

It’s known that the humble pea was one of the first vegetables cultivated by man between 4800 and 4400 BC.  One cup of peas contains 58 mg of vitamin C.

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